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In an industry first, London Linen has launched EkoChef - the most innovative and sustainable chef’s jacket available to the hospitality industry in the UK.

Alan Murchison, Supporter of the EkoChef Jacket
Made from recycled bottles and waste polyester fibre, this new groundbreaking jacket has all the durability, quality and comfort required for a chef’s jacket, but with a significantly lower environmental impact. It takes 25 two litre water bottles to make just one jacket, saving 2.5kg CO2 per jacket compared to the disposal of the same amount of bottles by incineration.This coupled with an 80% reduction in energy required for production and a significant overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, ensures theEkoChef Jacket offers environmentally conscious restaurants, hotels and caterers a highly innovative and more sustainable chef wear option. Alan Murchison, Executive Chef at L’Ortolan, La Bécasse, Paris House and The New Angel, has supported the initiative.  He says: “As a chef, I’m always looking for the most sustainable option, whether it’s choosing produce in season or reducing food miles. It’s great therefore that theEkoChef Jacket enables us to extend this ethos across the kitchen and to the garments that we wear each and every day in the kitchen. “It presents a great opportunity for establishments and operators who have sustainability high on their agenda” he continues; “We all have a duty of care towards our environment and I think this is a tremendous way to recycle plastic bottles into a product that is useful and relevant.” Roger Oliver, Managing Director, The London Linen Group added: “As a company we have always been committed to finding the most sustainable solution to our products and services, and therefore we’re really excited to offer our customers the EkoChef Jacket.  When it comes to choosing environmentally friendly options, every little counts and if you consider that each chef’s jacket prevents 25 two litre water bottles from entering landfill, when one multiplies that across a kitchen or a company, the environmental savings are impressive.  It also makes sound business sense as we are offering this exciting and sustainable product to our customers at no extra cost to a traditional chef’s jacket.” Extensive trials with leading catering companies and restaurants have led to impressive results and universally positive feedback, with no discernable differences in functionality and comfort reported when an EkoChef Jacket is compared with a traditional alternative. The EkoChef Jacket is exclusively available from The London Linen Group and its subsidiaries London Workwear Rental, London Linen Supply and The Caterers Linen Supply as standard, as part of the hire and laundry service, at no extra cost to the customer. For further information please contact 020 8574 5569 or

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